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The fundraising event for young ballet dancers.

Posted by T. Sasaki Sugako on

The fundraising event for young ballet dancers.

Catchy's original goods had traveled across the ocean to join a fundraising event for scholarships for young ballet dancers. For this event, we donated our Catchy Cat Origami Vol.1 and 2, also our bilingual book, Ms. Kitty's Charm School (English and Japanese).今回Catchyチームは海を渡り、ワシントン州シアトルにてファンドレイジング・スパゲティ夕食会に参加しました!チャリティ・イベントを通じた寄付は、夢がいっぱいのダンサーたちへ奨学金として使われます。今回Catchyチームが寄付したアイテムはCatchy猫折り紙(Vol. 1、2)、部長のバイリンガル写真集、Ms. kitty's charm school。   Photo: Display board with Catchy Cat Origami and Bilingual photo book for the fundraising. サイレントオークション用に作ったディスプレイ。子供から大人まで、笑顔にさせるCatchyのオリジナルグッズ! The Catchy team was very pleased to see everyone, including kids and adults, gathered around our goods to see what we had. It was precious to see young girls were giggling and smiling when they saw origami cats....

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