Japanese Super Food, Kuropon

Japanese Super Food, Kuropon



Kuropon is made with Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans.

Some people may not be familiar with this type of black beans, but this highly unique and nutritious beans have secrets.

Chikuzen Kurodamaru black bean is one of Japanese brand beans that is only allowed to produced in Chikuzen city Fukuoka, Japan.

Black bean is a type of soybeans.
On top of the health benefits and nutrients of soy beans, black beans have high contents of anthocyanin inside the black skin part, which promotes antioxidant activity.

Compared with regular black beans, Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans have higher nutrients and tastes even sweeter.

Today, the Catchy team is proudly introducing Kuropon, roasted Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans from Mr. Ryousuke’s farm.






>>Product page: Kuropon
>>The story of Mr. Ryosuke Hayashi the farmer

When we asked why he decided to produce Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans, his answer was quite simple.

“Because it was so delicious!”

Surprisingly, Mr. Hayashi did not like beans. In fact, edamame bean was the only bean he could eat.
After trying Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans for the first time, he was blown away by its deliciousness, which made him inspired to start producing.
This black bean was the first bean that Mr. Hayashi enjoyed very much.



ある時筑前クロダマルの枝豆を食べて、 あまりの美味しさに感動した事から生産をスタートしたそうです。


Mr. Hayashi wanted everyone to enjoy Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans with no preservatives or artificial flavors. This lead him to create a safe and simple product, which later became “Kuropon," roasted Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans by using a puffed wheat machine,

By roasting beans with intense pressure and the high heat, the natural sweetness of beans are intensified, bringing up the natural sweetness.

You can eat as is, or using it for a variety of dishes including black bean rice, black bean tea,and even for desserts.



素材そのままの味を活かし、 無添加で味付けは一切していないのにほんのりと甘い。


It is a perfect healthy snack for children as well. Mr. Hayashi’s children love Kuropon, too.

“I want everyone from children to adults, and people who I care, to eat and buy my products without any worries."

Mr. Hayashi’s motivation for Kuropon was his thoughtfulness for people he cares.

The Catchy team proudly recommends this tasty, yet nutritious snack with natural taste.

Please enjoy the limited production of roasted Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans, Kuropon from Japan!





>>Product page: Kuropon

>>Easy recipes with super food Kuropon



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