Easy Tasty Caramelized Kuropon Recipe

Easy Tasty Caramelized Kuropon Recipe

Catchy's item, Japanese Super Food, Kuropon.

Kuropon is made with Japanese certified brand black beans, "Chikuzen Kurodamaru" Black Beans.

This black bean has more rich in nutrients compared with ordinary black beans.
Kuropon has become a popular healthy snack in Japan because it is packed with natural sweetness without any chemicals.


Let's cook with Kuropon!

You can enjoy Kuropon as is, but Kuropon can be used for both savory and sweet dishes in no time!

Today, we will share with you our one of the favorite Kuropon recipe, Caramelized Kuropon!
The recipe is very simple and easy to make!
It will be perfect as a holiday snack for family gathering.



Kuropon  - 150g / 5 oz
Sugar - 4 tablespoons
Water - 1 tablespoon
Butter - 1 teaspoon
Honey - 1 teaspoon
A pinch of Cinnamon or Sea Salt (Option)


How to make Caramelized Kuropon

1. Add Sugar and water into a pan, cook them with medium heat.
(Do not stir the mixture! Otherwise, it will not become a good caramel)
The size of the bubbles will change to a bigger size as it is cooked (see picture below)


2. Before the sugar water start changing its color to brown (caramel color), add Kuropon and stir.
Turn off the heat when all Kurpon are evenly coated.


3. After turning off the heat, stir Kuropon well with a wooden spoon until Kuropon looks like the picture below.


4. Turn the heat back on to medium heat. Slowly cook the coated sugar around Kuropon to caramelize the beans.
The white part will turn to the brown caramel color as you cook slowly, so BE PATIENT!


5. Add butter and honey in the same pan and stir evenly.
These two ingredients will seal the flavor of Kuropon.


6. Spread 5 onto parchment paper for cooling. Add a pinch of Cinnamon or Sea salt as optional.

Cinnamon is really tasty, but salted caramel can't go wrong!

You will get more crunchy texture of Kuropon by caramelizing them, which is very addictive!

Kuropon can be used for a variety of dishes including savory and sweets.

This caramelized Kuropon is popular among not only grownups but also children. This will be also a perfect holiday gift for your friends and family.




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