How to make Japanese pochibukuro envelope

How to make Japanese pochibukuro envelope

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The instruction of  "How To make Pochibukuro envelope with Catchy Cat Origami" is below.


In Japan, we wrap even a small gift with our heart to show our hospitality to others.
Try the style of Japanese gift wrapping with Catchy Cat Origami for someone special.


What is Japanese Pochibukuro

In Japan, children receive money, called "Otoshidama,"  enclosed money in a small decorated Mini Envelope from parents and relatives on New year's day.



 Originally, rounded Mochi (rice cake) was used as Otoshidama on new year's day. People handed out rounded Mochi (rice cake) after offering them for God, which became the origin of "Otoshidama" custom in Japan.

People believed that receiving those Mochi helped them being healthy for the whole year.


Today, instead of giving Mochi (rice cake), small money is now given to children at the beginning of a new year. The Mini Envelope for Otoshidama is called "Pochibukuro" in Japanese.



Pochibukuro is used not only for Otoshidama on new year's day, but also used as an envelope for a message card or a small gift.

Today, there are a variety of Pochibukuro are available in Japan.
Some people even collect Pochibukuro simply because they are so cute and irresistible!



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