The Encounter With Hana The Cat

The Encounter With Hana The Cat


I met Hana in August, 2008. 

I found about a 3 month-old, brown and white colored female orphan kitten near the restaurant, called "Hanamizuki."

She meowed constantily as she was following me, so I decided to take her home.

I named her "Hana" after the name of the restaurant, "Hanamizuki" where I met her.


Hana is my first cat that I've ever owned. I thought, unlike dogs, cats are more independent animal with high physical capabilities, but not Hana.

She is a very clumsy cat who loves to talk and the most of all, loves attention.


As she grew bigger, I noticed her front/back legs are a little shorter than other cats.

Now, she is the cat with the perfect three-head tall body proportion.



Since my parents are strawberry farmer, producing Amao strawberry in Japan, Hana became the chief of the PR department of the strawberry farm as Ichigo Bucho. Her job is being herself in photos; however, her cuteness have attracted many customers over the past years. 

I am grateful for my cat, who gave me opportunities to have many cat loving friends, and experiences and other encounters that I had through Hana.

I am also truly grateful for my cat, my best friend for loving me unconditionally. I hope you will also love Hana who has become much sexier and more classcy than her owner.











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