The Encounter With Melody The Cat

The Encounter With Melody The Cat


"I want a kitten when I'm 6 years old!" - My daughter used to say this when she was 4.

 We told her we couldn't have any more pet because we've already had 2 dogs and a hamster.

2 years later in April, my daughter's hamster, Cake the First suddenly said good-bye.

I've never known 5 year-old could cry and capable of grieving. She cried and cried for a long time.


In late May, she started telling me "We are going to have a kitten, right? Because I will be 6 in June. Right, mama??"

I couldn't say YES or NO but she told friends and neighbors that she was going to have a kitten after turning into a 6 year-old in June.


On the 4th of June, a day before my daughter's 6th birthday.

Someone parked his car in my parking space, so I had to park mine on the street, which was truly unusual for me.

While taking stuff out of my car, suddenly, I heard cute meowing.

"Meeeoooow! Meeeoooow! ! Meow!!!"

It was obviously kittens, seemed to call their mom.

My mother instinct kicked in. I dropped everything and started searching for kittens.

I was seeing only rocks, leaves and parked cars, desperately looking for kittens.


All of a sudden, one tiny tabby kitten, wobbling out between rocks.


"Found you!"


I found total 4 kittens, snuggling inside of the rock. They were still about a few weeks old.

We rescued all of them. We went to the store to get a few cans of kitten milk, and spent the restless night.

As I was driving a car to the store, my daughter said "Mama! I will pick this one!", holding up a tiny tuxedo cat, now Melody.

My daughter was so in love with her that she gave her English name for this cat.

The following day, we dropped off the rest of 3 kittens at a local animal shelter and decided to welcome Melody as our family.


A few days later. My daughter told me she believed her beloved hamster, Cake the First sent a kitten as her 6th birthday present.

"Maybe Melody IS Cake the First... Then why she turned into the worst enemy of rodents, mama?!" - She cracked me up.


My daughter was extremely happy to have a "little sister." She gave Melody a bottle, singing lullabies and even walking her around with a baby carrier.


Since we welcomed Melody into our house, my daughter and Melody are inseparable.

They have a very special, strong bond between them.

Melody has been working very hard as a snuggle buddy every night in my daughter's room.





娘の大好きだったCake the First (ケーキ一世)が突然いなくなってしまいました。































娘が「Cake the First(ケーキ一世)が、天国から子猫を送ってくれた」、











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