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The Power Of Origami! Stimulate Your Brain With Origami.

Posted by Ishii Misuzu on

Origami is one of Japanese traditional paper art that creates shapes, just by folding a sheet of paper.

Origami is not just a paper folding play.
Studies suggested that the technique of folding paper stimulates in memory and learning development (cognitive function) and fine motor skills including hand coordination skills, especially among children.

Nowadays, origami is one of well-practiced educational activities for children in many countries.


Many children in Japan have been playing with Origami as one of educational activities. Many schools from preschool to elementary school in Japan incorporate paper folding into lessons as a classroom activity because it helps improve sociability and learning skills include following instructions, rules, and routine make up cognitive skills.


Let's start teaching children Origami while improving their brain development and motor skills!
It also helps communication skills in both parents and a child, too.


Today, a 5 year-old boy tried making an origami cat with Catchy Cat Origami.



There are many origami to choose from


 Many different cat designs make anyone being excited just by looking at them.



First, make a triangle...


Folding a paper in half very carefully.

He was focusing on details and following the instruction.



How do I do it?


Instead of doing the hard parts for him, gave verbal directions to help him figure out as much as he could by himself.



How do I fold it inside?


Parents also need to pay attention for giving clear instruction that children can understand. Origami really requires a lot of efforts and good communication in both parents and children.



Almost there!


At the end of the steps, he was more focused on origami, which helped stimulate his hand coordination skills.He also started showing smiles after seeing his origami was becoming to look more like a cat.



Yay! I did it!


Very proud to see his origami cat!


Although he was still a little clumsy, he showed us that even a little child like himself can make an origami cat!


He was very happy to see his own origami cat. His origami cat with crooked ears really is a one-of-a-kind origami cat in the world.


Origami paper is very light and easy to carry.

It is a perfect quiet activity for children, especially for a road trip or even in a waiting room.


Happy crafting with Catchy Cat Origami!!



About The Author

Misuzu Ishii is an Art Director, Designer.
Hana's Owner.


About The Translator

Vicky S. Sasaki is an Bilingual English Instructor and Translator.
Melody's Owner.


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