The Story of Ryosuke Hayashi

The Story of Ryosuke Hayashi


Mr. Ryosuke’s Dreams in Foods and Farming


Photo: Mr. Ryosuke Hayashi at his Kurodamaru black bean field

Ryosuke Hayashi, the farmer of Kurodamaru black soybean and the producer of Kuropon, the roasted Kurodamaru black soybean.

Mr. Hayashi is an energetic farmer with great ability to take action for anything that he is interested in.
This Italian lover farmer has been in the center of attention because of his interesting yet innovative ideas.
It seems there are always people surrounding him, anxious but excited to see what he will do next.





Mr. Hayashi is not any ordinary farmer.
In fact, he was not a farmer before.
He was dreaming to become a chef.

He even went to Italy to learn about Italian cuisine when he was around 30 years old.
As learning about Italian cuisine, he noticed that farming was the essential element of culinary arts in any cuisine.

He was inspired by the Italian farmers who shared the stories of their products with people who were eating their vegetables.
Then he thought strongly that farming was the backbone of the food culture.




Whenever Mr. Hayashi found his favorite products,
he searched the farmers who made the ingredients for those products, and visited their farms.
(Talk about enthusiasm!)

He wants to be a farmer who connects “food” and “people's life style” through farm products, not just focusing on producing the quantity.

Mr. Hayashi says,
“Being a farmer is one of the ways to provide good food and lifestyle for other people. I will try new things if it would bring me closer to my goal.”






He uses as little agrochemicals as possible for his products. He’s been working with the nature to produce high quality vegetables and rice by using environmental friendly farming methods.

As producing more tasty products, he has been dedicating to educate people about the roots of food and food culture by coordinating events.

We are excited to learn more about Mr. Hayashi, a farmer with full of innovative ideas in Japanese farming, and his product, Kuropon.






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