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Making an Origami Cat with Catchy Cat Origami from Japan!

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Hello guys!
This is Catchy Boutique. It's nice officially meet you!! 

Catchy_boutique is an online select shop that has carefully picked Japanese high quality products including Catchy exclusive products, irresistibly cute items, traditional products and the Catchy team's favorite cat items just for you.

こんにちは、Catchy_boutique です。
Catchy_boutique は、メイドインジャパンの質のいい商品にこだわり


Our first Catchy exclusive product is Catchy Cat Origami

私たちが最初につくったオリジナル商品は、Catchy cat origami!


Are you familiar with Origami, by the way? 
Origami has been a big part of the Japanese art culture. 
Origami has been used to fold into certain designs or shapes for fun decorations or for making a good luck charm in Japan.
The Catchy team has created cute cat origami that is easy to fold a cat face. 
It's really simple to make!

Catchy では、可愛い猫の顔が折れる「猫おりがみ」をつくりました。


>>Catchy cat origami


Catchy Cat Origami Vol. 1 has total 5 adorable cats, including Tabby cat, Brown & white bicolor cat, Gray tuxedo cat, Brown tiger and Tortie cat!

vol1 では、シマ、茶白、グレー、茶トラ、三毛の5 にゃん!


 Cat Origami Vol1 Catchy

3 out of 5 cats actually belongs to the Catchy team members.

実はこの中には、Catchy スタッフの飼い猫達3 にゃんもいます。

 Cat Origami 5face Catchy

Catchy Cat Origami is not only cute in the front, but also adorable in the back! Check out the design on the back of each origami sheet. Vol. 1 has 2 types of back designs, natural leaf pattern and polka dots with a hint of kitty paws. 

猫ちゃんを折るだけでも十分楽しいのですが、Catchy cat origami はリバーシブルタイプ!
ドットの中に肉球が隠れているドット柄の2 種になっています。



 wrapping papers

Of course, you can fold whatever you like, but you can also use the backside of these origami sheets as wrapping papers, too. You can also use this as a secret message card :) 




Catchy Cat Origami Vol. 2 has Siamese, Torbie, Black & White bicolor cat, Black odd-eyed cat and White striped cat of total 5 cats!

vol.2 は、シャム猫、黒猫オッドアイ、シマ三毛、白黒ズラ、キジ白の5 にゃん

Cat Origami Vol2 Catchy

Cat Origami 5face Vol2

It's almost amazing to see how one sheet of paper will transform into such an adorable cat face. You have to try it to feel it! By changing the size of cat's ears, you can create one of a kind cat just for you.

1 枚の折り紙が猫の形になっていく様子は楽しいもの。



Vol. 2 has more vibrant colors compared to Vol. 1. These bright colors will make everybody happy!

2 の裏面は1 より鮮やかで元気な色になっています。



 wrapping papers with Origami

From kids to adults, everybody can enjoy Origami together. The more using your fingertips, the better for your brain. Origami is THE perfect tool to stimulate your brain.


 >>The Power Of Origami! Stimulate Your Brain With Origami



It is absolutely fun to make your own special cat by your hands. You can use it for decorating your room, or give it to someone as a gift.




Did you find your cat(s) or your favorite one in Catchy Cat Origami series?
We will create more cute, adorable and irresistible new cat origami design soon!
Stay tuned!




>>Catchy Origami, Click Here!



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