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This is Catchy Boutique. It's nice officially meet you!! Catchy_boutique is an online select shop that has carefully picked Japanese high quality products including Catchy exclusive products, irresistibly cute items, traditional products and the Catchy team's favorite cat items just for you.


 Catchy-boutique Members

Myu (Tabby cat) /♂
The second generation of Idol cat of Nyagomidokoro (Handmade Cat Toys and Goods shop). A stray kitty, born around the same day when the first generation of idol cat of Nyagomidokoro, Q-Taro passed away. Happy hyperactive cat, who is totally a mama's boy.
Hana (Ichigo Bucho/Strawberry Manager)/MIX♀
In August, 2008, being spotted as an orphan kitten in front of a restaurant, Hanamizuki. She was later named Hana.
As an idol cat on a strawberry farm, Ichigo Bucho (Strawberry Manager) has been in charge of the PR department as a cat manager.
Slightly (or not) clumsy cat with a sexy three heads tall body.
Melody/ Russian Blue and Maine Coon/MIX♀
Rescued on the day before the 6th BD of a human girl, later became Melody's BFF. Since then, Melody and her human BFF have become inseparable. Melody has been working restlessly as an "extra snuggle" to comfort her human BFF with one of the fluffiest fur in the world every night.