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Catchy’s popular item, Catchy Cat Origami now has new friends!

The Catchy team decided to use the same cat face design to make our original cute and unique cat face pin buttons!

Why? Because they are so irresistibly Kawaii!

This pin button comes with one of the most adorable package that the Catchy team has created so far, very kawaii design with hand drawn cat ears for each pin button!

These cat face pin buttons are highly recommended for cat lovers in all ages.

Grab cat pin buttons that look like your cats!
Of course, you can always get other adorable cats as new additions to your family!

Here is the official introduction of our pin button cats!



One of the Catchy team members’ pet cat.
A handsome mackerel tabby with beautiful strips. 
Myu is the love of his owner.



One of the Catchy team members’ pet cat.
A classy lady cat with gorgeous brown and white pattern.
Very out spoken cat model.



One of the Catchy team members’ pet cat.
Gray and white curvy tuxedo female cat with very high self-confidence.


Brown Tabby

Beautiful light brown fur with strips.
A ginger cat is one of the kindest cats you can find.



Popular domestic cat in Japan, and the model for lucky cat.
He might bring you a good luck!


Black & white

A cat with beautiful black and white pattern that almost looks like a handsome man!



Gorgeous fur and blue eyes of Siamese.
She likes to talk a lot and being a great companion.
(She is a Siamese after all!)


Calico Tabby

The combination of Calico (3 colors) and Tabby (strips)!
Double the cuteness!


Silver Tabby

The combination of Tabby strips and white pattern with unique marking on his nose.
If you like something unique, he will be the one!


Black Cat

Beautiful black fur with mysteriously stunning odd eyes.
They are truly one of the magical-looking creatures on the planet!


The size of all pin button is 32 mm/ 1-1/4 inch.
Enjoy taking them for a walk on your hat, clothes or even on your backpack!

A safety pin back is used on the back of each pin button.
Use pin buttons with adult supervision for children.
Please be careful to not to poke yourself!


Item Details

Size: 1.2 inch/ 32mm
Metal component: Tin-plated steel
Print: Printed on PET film
Pin Back: Safety pin back



Choking hazard with small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.
Use with adult or under supervision.
Use only as fashion accessories on clothes or on other items.
Never leave a needle out when you are not using
Be cautious for your usage of a pin back.
Keep out of reach of small children and pet(s).


Wait a minute...
You guys look very familiar...

Yes, you are right!
That is because they are the same cats from Catchy Cat Origami Vol.1! 

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... and, you guessed right!
These cats are the same cats from Catchy Cat Origami Vol. 2!
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