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Ichigo Bucho

Pin Buttons

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New Item!
Cute and one-of-a-kind cat pin buttons are available at only Catchy Boutique!
Addition to our Catchy's Pin Button collection for this Spring!!

Ichigo Bucho, cat model and Catchy's idol cat became pin buttons (1.2 inch/ 32mm)!

Look at these adorable pins..!



There are 6 types of pin buttons (see photo below).

A-C buttons - 3 cute picture of Ichigo Bucho (Strawberry Manager)
D-F buttons - Hand drawn illustration of Ichigo Bucho (Strawberry Manger)


Every cat owner will understand these faces..!

It is absolutely hard to choose just one pin.
You just will have to collect them all!


You can enjoy Catchy's cat pin buttons in many ways.

This size of pin button (1.2 inch/ 32mm diameter) is a popular size for backpack, clothes or other fashion accessories like a hat. 

You can enjoy taking Ichigo Bucho (Strawberry Manager) for a walk on a backpack!


On rainy days, you can just relax and admire the beauty of pin buttons.

Seems like Ichibo Bucho (Strawberry Manager/ Hana) herself is impressed with these pins!


Photo: A safety pin back is used on the back. Use with adult supervision only.

New Catchy's pin button collection, Ichigo Bucho (Strawberry Manger) pins are only available at Catchy Boutique!

Shop here today to collect them all!



Item Details

Size: 1.2 inch/ 32mm
Metal component: Tin-plated steel
Print: Printed on PET film
Pin Back: Safety pin back



Choking hazard with small parts. Not for children under 3 years old. Use with adult Use only as fashion accessories on clothes or on other items.
Never leave a needle out when you are not using
Be cautious for your usage of a pin back.
Keep out of reach of small children and pet(s).