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Cat Origami Mini Size


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The Japanese paper art, Origami is amazing!

By folding a flat sheet square of paper, it transforms into a finished sculpture.
The Catchy team has created a mini version of Catchy Cat Origami, which is now available at Catchy Boutique. 


You can make cat faces with these minis as the same way you do with the regular sized origami.


Because it is smaller than the regular size, you might need extra TLC for these mini cats.


In mini Origami, each sheet has two printed adorable cat faces in both sides.
The Mini Cat Origami has 3 types with total 6 different cat faces including

-Tabby Myu & Siamese
-Brown and White kitty
-Hana & Tortie
-Gray & White Tuxedo kitty
-Melody & Black Cat


total 15 sheets of origami inside.

japanese mini cat origami img

They may be small but these mini origami cats are perfect for...

  1. Cat Chopstick Rest
    The minis can transform into the perfect Cat chopstick rest for your parties.
    You can also use them as party favors for your guests.
    Unlike ordinary chopstick rests, you just need to make origami chopsticks when you need them, so it does not need any extra space for the storage.
    chopstick rest img

  2. Finger Puppets
    The minis are perfect size for finger puppets, too! No matter how old you are, you will get excited to play with them. Put them in your pocket and take them around with you. They will love it.
    Origami finger papet img

  3. Paper accessory
    The minis are also perfect for your DIY stationary projects. For example, you can use them for greeting cards or name cards. You can also use them for wedding invitation to make your own unique wedding cards, too.
    Origami accessory img

  4. Hair and fashion accessories
    Just attach your favorite mini cat on a hairpin to make your own DIY hair accessory! You can enjoy different cats every day! You can also attach it to a pin to make DIY brooch, too!
    Hair accessories img

  5. The Cat Toothpick
    Lunch time with the minis. DIY mini cats toothpicks :) cat pick img

Be creative and explore your ideas with the minis! Be creative and explore your ideas with the minis!


Quantity : Tatal15 Cat Origami
(Each origami has printedcat faces)

SIZE : 2 3/4×2 3/4 inch  (7㎝×7㎝)

Material :paper

Shipping: from Japan/ About Shipping

Exclusively at Catchy-Boutique
© Catchy Original Product

Copyright © Catchy Boutique all rights reserved.


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