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Cat Origami Vol.2 From Japan


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Catchy Cat Origami Vol.2

Origami has been a big part of Japanese art culture.

Since paper folding was introduced to Japan, Japanese have developed particular ways to fold variety of shapes with thin papers, which is now known as Origami.


The Catchy team has created the unique and fun Cat origami for you to enjoy making adorable cat faces!

It's very simple to make! You can make variety of cats.


It's reversible, so you can use both sides.

The back of origami has 2 types of design, which are (1) leaf design with little kitty faces and (2) polka dots with jelly bean paws.


You can make cat faces as gifts, decorations, secret message cards for someone special, or even for gift wrapping.

Quantity : 5cats × 3set each(Tatal15 Cat Origami)
SIZE : 5.9×5.9in  (15㎝×15㎝)
Material :paper
Shipping: from Japan/ See details → 

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 How to make Cat Origami


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