Girly Cat Kicker Toy with Poppies and Cute Black Cat


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Sophisticated and girly cat kicker toy with poppies and a cute black cat. This beautiful cat kicker will be perfect (purrfect) for your kitty or as a gift for a fashionista kitty friend! 

Catchy Boutique introduces a Nyagomidokoro's handmade cat toy with natural Japanese silvervine. Silvervine, a natural alternative to catnip, can make your cat "drunk." Your cat might show behavioral reactions include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, drooling and licking. Silvervine is very popular and commonly used for cat toys in Japan.
Please enjoy Cat Kicker Toys with Japanese Silvervine!



  • SIZE:Approx. 9.4×2.3 in (24cm × 6cm)
  • The Matatabi (Japanese silvervine) in cat toys are from Ehime, Japan.
  • All of materials are MADE IN JAPAN.
  • Shipping: from Japan


  • Some cats do not respond to Slivervine.
  • The smell of slivevine will gradually fade away after the use.
  • Although I make Neko Kicker by using strong canvas fabric, if your cat is a biter, Neko Kicker might get worn out quicker.
  • Your cat might show strong responses to the silvervine such as kicking and chewing excessively in the first few minutes; however, he/she will calm down within 10 minutes or so.


  • This toy for adult cat only.
  • If your cat has an ALLERGIC reaction to silvervine, stop using immediately.
  • Let your cat play with this toy under your supervision to prevent any accident.


  • Due to agricultural restrictions, your country might not allow SILVERVINE from Japan.
  • Before ordering, please make sure your country does not have these restrictions.