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Introducing Catchy's new Maneki Neko (Lucky cat) item series, Catchy's original design,
Maneki Neko Pin Buttons



This oval shape, 70mm x 45mm (2.7 x 1.7 inch) size pin button is just like the Koban, Japanese golden coin, the same Koban coin that Maneki Neko has!

This pin is not too small or too big. Just the perfect size for you to enjoy everyday.
Our new pin buttons with Catchy's original Maneki Neko (Beckoning cat) sure makes your bags stand out from the crowd!



Just like Maneki Neko Koban cat kicker toy,
each design of pin button was created based on unique meanings of Maneki Neko with raised right or left paw.



Right or Left - What is the difference?

●Right Paw


Right raised Maneki Neko is known to bring more money to you.
The back of Koban coin has the letter 千万両, which means a large fortune, with many fishes to make you cat happy.


●Left Paw


Left raised lucky cat is known to bring good encounters with humans (and of course, with animals, too) for you.

On the back of Koban coin, the letter, 大入, which means "entering more" in Japanese, with many different types of cat fur for wishing both humans and cats can meet their "the perfect match."


We are not done yet!


This lucky cat series pin buttons comes with a specially designed card along with adorable good luck pins.



This special card has cute illustration of Maneki Neko and its each unique meaning.
One of Japanese gift wrapping customs, Noshi is used for this design to express "good wishes" from the Catchy team to you.



This cute pin button set is great for yourself and for someone as a gift!!
You can take pins as your good luck charm, too.



Enjoy our original Maneki Neko pin buttons on your hat, backpack, or tote bags!
Spread the smile and good wishes for others with Catchy's Maneki Neko pin buttons!

Material : metal, paper, pvc
Size: 70mm x 45mm (2.7 x 1.7 inch)
Weight: 90g
Shipping: from Japan/ See details → 

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