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Japanese Super Food Black Bean, Kuropon


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Kuropon, nutritious snack that is simply roasted Chikuzen Kurodamaru (Black beans) by wheat puffing machine.This bean is only produced in Chikuzen, Fukuoka, Japan.

Kuropon has absolutely no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

100% natural taste of Kurodamaru black beans.


Catchy’s trusted farmer, Mr. Hayashi, the producer of Kuropon, greatly values  face-to-face connections with his clients, which is why he usually does not sell his product online.

However, Mr. Hayashi kindly accepted our strong wish, “want to share great foods with everyone,” and allowed us to sell his product, Kuropon on our website.

Only we, Catchy Boutique sells Kuropon internationally.


What Is Great About Kuropon?


In Japan, black beans have been eaten for centuries as one of healthy foods.

Black bean has rich anthocyanin antioxidants, a type of polyphenol in its skin. Kuropon uses a type of black bean called, Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans, high quality brand black bean, only produced in Chikuzen, Fukuoka in Japan.

Chikuzen Kurodamaru black beans have 3 times higher anthocyanin antioxidants and the sweetness than regular black beans. Because of strong natural sweet flavor, you can enjoy Kuropon eating as is.




We Want To Share Kuropon Because We Know Who Makes It!


Photo/ Mr. Ryosuke Hayashi at his black bean field.

Because the Catchy team thinks his Kuropon is absolutely tasty, and also because we admire Mr. Hayashi’s hard work, we decided to share Kuropon with you.

This man in the picture above makes Kuropon.

The farmer, Mr. Hayashi,  lives in Chikuzen, Fukuoka, Japan.

The Catchy team wanted to share this tasty Kuropon with his stories with you because we admire his hard work and dreams he has for food and lifestyle.

We strongly think that knowing who are involved in food preparation matters when choosing safe foods for you and your family and friends.

That is why we are sharing Mr. Hayashi’s story with you to ensure the safety and quality of Kuropon.


The story of Mr. Hayashi the farmer.


>>The story of Mr. Hayashi

>>Japanese Super Food



How To Eat Kuropon

You can eat as is!

Kuropon can be used for a variety of recipes.

Enjoy cooking and try new recipes with Kuropon!

Ingredients : Kuropon (Roasted Kurodamaru black beans)
NET : 150g / 0.5oz
Storage : Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Store in a dark, cold place


// Nutrition Facts //
Serving size (100g)

Calories - 470 kcal
Protein - 34.1 g
Total Fat - 21.3 g
Carbohydrate - 35.6 g
Sodium - 0.03 g

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© Ryosuke Hayashi Product



New Kuropon recipes will be introduced in our blog!

>>Easy recipes with super food Kuropon



Reviews from Kuropon lovers

There are already many people have fallen in love with Kuropon.


The followings are the reviews from Kuropon lovers.

Reviews from US

-Kuropon reminds me of my childhood. Hard to stop eating.
It also goes well with tea and beer.

-I never knew beans are so tasty! Kuropon changed my idea of beans!!

-Kuropon would be a great snack for baseball game!

-I love the crunchiness of Kuropon. This is a perfect guilt-free night time snack!

Reviews from Japan

-Once start eating, it's hard to stop from eating! It's very easy to get hooked this crunchy texture and natural sweetness!

-After eating Kuropon as snack in between meals instead of junk foods, I think my skin become much smoother!

-I wanted my children to eat more beans, so I added crushed Kuropon as a substitute of nuts for homemade cookies. Everyone loved them very much!

-I heard about that soy beans help maintaining a good hormone balance, but I didn't know to how to eat them regularly.
Kuropon is very easy to eat and has many Polyphenol, too! So happy to finally meet a food that helps keeping my healthy diet!